Llevant Beach

Levante Beach or Llevant Beach is, along with Migjorn, the longest beach in Formentera. It is located on the east side of the elongated peninsula of Es Trucadors. The huge cordon of dunes that flanks it has a very important landscape and environmental value. Of course, here the wind blows harder and the waves can even be dangerous.

Playa de Levante en Formentera


Playa Sa Roqueta

La Playa Sa Roqueta se encuentra en el municipio de Es Pujols, a medio camino entre la playa de Ses Canyes y Levante. Perfectamente puedes llegar hasta ella paseando desde cualquiera de sus playas vecinas. Es pequeñita y muy tranquila pero tiene un aparcamiento bastante limitado.

Si no corre viento, parecerá que estás en una piscina natural de aguas turquesas. Su paisaje es muy similar a La Cala d’es Morts, solo que esta cala es mucho más accesible.

Aquí el oleaje y el viento son más fuertes –sobre todo en temporada alta- y la playa es de arena fina, pero con salientes rocosos. Agua clara y afluencia media, una cala coqueta y no tan conocida como otras, muy recomendable.

Cómo llegar a la Playa Sa Roqueta

Para llegar a la playa Sa Roqueta, puedes hacerlo desde el pueblo de Es Pujols siguiendo las indicaciones y dirección Illetes, en un desvío hacia la derecha. También puedes ir en dirección Hostal Sa Roqueta, una vez llegues, a tu derecha te encuentras la playa Sa Roqueta.

Es Arenals Beach

Es Arenals is, for many people, one of Formentera’s favorite beaches. However, for many other visitors and locals, that is the question that precisely takes points from Es Arenals. In August it can be quite busy, but it is really a perfect beach paradigm. If what we have come to Formentera is to seek comforts without adventure, to be able to rest body and mind without missing anything before a film landscape, at some point in your stay you will have to stop at the beach of Es Arenals.

Playa Es Arenals Formentera

On this beach you will find the famous PirataBus beach bar where you can have your famous and delicious mojito accompanied by some nachos with guacomole to wait for a beautiful sunset as we show you from their Official Instagram. They take care of putting the music on!

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And since you’re here, don’t leave without visiting Es Caló d’es Morts. It has no loss! locate yourself by pointing to the Hotel Riu La Mola as a reference. Es Caló d’es Morts is beyond the hotel, within walking distance. Just don’t forget a bottle of water!

Estany d’es Peix Beach

Estany d’es Peix is a beach especially recommended for families – and frequented by them – for its high level of security. Also for the relaxed practice of sports such as snorkelling or diving. In addition, it has a watchman, which makes it even safer.

Playa Estany des Peix, perfecta para ir con niños

Its long beach is located in the wetland that the sea forms when entering through a small access called Sa Boca. Estany d’es Peix is actually a kind of seawater pool, without waves, with shallow depth (barely exceeding 3 meters in its deepest part), with fine and still sand and warm water. It is listed as Special Protection Zone for BIRDS and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO; You will see seagulls and cormorants that prefer Formentera to other islands, and if you are lucky you will see the indescribable flamingos with long legs and neck.

Sa Boca, access to the sea

Sa Boca is the only direct communication of s’Estany d’es Peix with the sea. It is an opening of about thirty meters wide that serves as access to small boats. Better see it in pictures:

Sunrise at Estany d’es Peix

In general, any point in the Savina overlooking the sea is a great place to see a beautiful sunset. But I want to place special emphasis on the sunrise from Estany d’es Peix. It is really worth waking up a very early morning to wake up with these colors that Formentera gives you in its first light of day.

Estany des Peix al amanecer